Myths and Realities about Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Surgery by Dr. Hiranmayi Jha

Many men suffer from Gynecomastia. What is it? Do you have any idea? Well, Gynecomastia or ‘Man Boobs’ is a benign enlargement of the male breasts. To put it in simple words, it’s an abnormal development of the mammary glands or glandular tissues. It might affect a single breast or both breasts in men. It might not have an impact on the overall health of a person, but it can affect a man’s self-esteem to a great extent.

Understanding the Medical Condition 

Technically speaking, Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the breast glandular tissues. Sometimes the enlargement takes place unevenly. Gynecomastia is experienced by adolescent males as a temporary medical condition. There is certain misinformation related to it. Hence, it’s important to debunk those myths and present reality. Only then a person suffering would be able to make an informed decision.

Myth 1: No Treatment for Gynecomastia

Some people believe that there is no treatment available for Gynecomastia. It’s not true at all. In case you are suffering from this condition, you should talk to a plastic surgeon immediately. Depending on the severity of the condition, your surgeon could suggest you with Male Breast Reduction or Liposuction surgery.

Myth 2: It’s caused By Excess Fat

Another myth about Gynecomastia is that it’s caused by excessive fat deposition. People tend to get confused as a good number of people who are overweight have excessive breast tissue. Often, fat deposition makes the breast look big. However, the fat deposition shouldn’t be confused with the enlargement of glandular and breast tissue. The truth is fat is not the only case for the development of breast tissue in males. Imbalance of hormones is another contributing factor for breast tissue development. Male breast tissue develops when the level of estrogen increases.

Myth 3: Alcohol Gives Rise to Gynecomastia

This myth needs to be addressed trickily. Often people connect alcohol consumption with gynecomastia. Although alcohol consumption might not be directly linked with the enlargement of breast tissue in males, it can affect indirectly. For instance, drinking alcohol damage the liver. This, in turn, impedes the organ’s ability to transform hormones, which leads to breast tissue enlargement. Studies have shown that IPA beer consists of hops in them. Hops contain a high amount of phytoestrogen that causes hormonal imbalances in men. Due to hormonal imbalances, men suffer from Gynecomastia.

Myth 4: Diet and Exercise Melts Away the Excess Tissue

One common misconception that people have about Gynecomastia is that it’s a fat problem. Hence, some people focus on increasing the amount of physical exercise to tone down the chest. Well, exercise might work if the enlarged breast is because of the fat tissues. But as gynecomastia is the abnormal development of breasts, burning off the glandular tissue is not possible. Most men will agree with the fact that the path towards a flat chest is to consult an experienced plastic surgeon right away. These are some myths associated with Gynecomastia. To get a bigger picture of this medical condition, book an appointment with your plastic surgeon today.

Myth 5: It is an uncommon condition

It is not an uncommon condition. The prevalence of gynecomastia may be approximately 65 percent in the general population.

Myth 6: Man’s boobs will return after surgery

Once gynecomastia is eliminated through surgery, the problem is fixed permanently. It can be seen to recur if a patient gains weight again adding to the fat in the chest.

Check Out Some Stunning Facts of Plastic Surgery That You Probably Did Not Know

Planning for liposuction surgery? Are you thinking of getting Rhinoplasty? However, the thought of coming under the knife sends down a chill. Isn’t it? Well, the truth is that plastic surgery has changed greatly over the last couple of years.

Plastic Surgery Is No Longer a Taboo

A huge number of people are opting for this surgical procedure: either for an aesthetic reason or for restorative purposes. Well, the techniques followed by the plastic surgeons have a long history. Without wasting time, let’s take a look at these interesting facts.

1. The first recorded instance of ‘nose job’ surgery could be traced back to the ancient Indian Sanskrit texts. During that time, physicians reconstructed the nose by cutting the skin either from the cheek or forehead. The skin was twisted out by placing it over a leaf and sewing it later on.

2. During the 1st Century BC, Romans performed different types of plastic surgery for repairing the nose, lips, and eyes. Cornelius Celsus, a Roman physician had mentioned breast reduction surgery in men.

3. During the First World War, Harold Gillies, regarded as the father of modern plastic surgery brought about innovative skin and muscle grafting procedures. His ‘tube pedicle’ technique for skin grafting reduced the chance of infections. Plastic surgeons who served during WWI formed the American Association of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Gillies was a part of it.

4. The term ‘plastic surgery’ was coined by Karl Ferdinand Graefe. He tried his best to remove the stigma connected with nose reconstruction surgery.

5. During the Second World War, many new plastic surgery techniques, such as extensive skin grafting, reconstructing the entire limb, microsurgery, etc started to come up.

6. The first breast augmentation surgery was carried out in 1893. It was a reconstructive surgery and not cosmetic surgery during which a large portion of the patient’s breast was removed. German surgeon Vincenz Czerny used a Lipoma or fatty tumor for reconstructing the patient’s breast.

7. A plastic surgeon even performed organ transplant surgery. Joseph E Murray, a well-known plastic surgeon during the 1950s carried out the organ transplant surgery in 1954. During organ transplant, a bit of reconstruction and nerve reattachment is required, and also there is a need to deal with organ rejection. Murray was successful in this surgery. In 1990, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology.

8. Dr. Warren Breidenbach, the chief of the Division of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery, is the first surgeon to carry out hand transplant surgery successfully. It has been carried worldwide on children, explosive victims, and amputees.

9. Medical tourism for plastic surgery is witnessing exponential growth. Some major players in the market are Dubai and Thailand. The quality of treatment provided by these countries is simply superb.

10. Teens are also an option for plastic surgery treatments. They are opting for laser hair removal or nose job surgery.

Plastic surgery not only calls for reshaping the features of the body, but it’s also about restoring emotional well-being. Book an appointment with your plastic surgeon today!

All That You Need To Know About Cosmetic Surgery

In today’s age, looks and appearance are very important. In the eyes of society, if a person is not beautiful, he/she is not socially accepted. They are often taunted and ridiculed for their looks. Hence, to improve their appearance, more and more people are undergoing cosmetic surgery. However, sometimes cosmetic surgery becomes a necessity. Often, accidents leave a scar on the face of a person. To get rid of the scar marks, plastic surgery becomes a requirement.

The Demand for Cosmetic Surgery

What’s the remedy to improve one’s appearance? What should be done to remove the scar marks from the face? Well, the answer to all these questions is Cosmetic Surgery.

With celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Iggy Azalea or Kim Kardashian West opening up about their cosmetic surgeries, the demand for cosmetic surgery won’t dwindle. Do a little research and you will get to see that around 1.4 million women opt for one or the other cosmetic surgery throughout the year.

However, before you consult a plastic surgeon to change your appearance, there are a few things that you need to know.

Best Cosmetic Surgeon in South Delhi

What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery. It consists of both surgical as well as non-surgical procedures for improving the appearance of a person. This surgery helps to improve or reshape the body, according to a person’s desire. Most of the cosmetic surgeries are conducted at the cosmetic surgeon’s clinic or the hospital. However, the surgery has its share of limitations and risks.

Factors to Consider


Improvements in the appearance could be achieved through cosmetic surgery. But one shouldn’t expect that their plastic surgeon would make their appearance just like their favorite celebrity.

Thinking like that is wrong. But, it can help you to improve your position in social circles.


People are skeptical to go under the knife for changing their appearance. A person raising doubts about cosmetic surgery is very natural. Well, all cosmetic surgeries are safe if it’s done by an experienced plastic surgeon.


Best Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in Malviyanagar

Depending on the cosmetic process opted, the recovery period might vary. You might need several days, weeks, or months to recover. Following the advice of the plastic surgeon can speed up the recovery process.

Finding a Qualified Surgeon

Do you want to get rid of the fine lines or wrinkles from your face? Do you want to get rid of the stubborn fat? You need to choose a qualified surgeon for the job. The person should be certified and experienced in the job. Only then you will be able to get satisfactory results.

Cosmetic Surgery was once thought to be a treatment procedure for the rich and the famous. This is not true anymore. To reverse the process of aging and improving one’s appearance, everyone is opting for it.

What are you waiting for? Book your appointment with a plastic surgeon today!

Everything You Need To Know About Vaser Liposuction Surgery

Admit it! People are becoming more weight and fashion-conscious. Everybody desires to get a perfectly contoured body. However, binge eating and many other factors lead to the deposition of fats in different parts of the body. Now, that’s a matter of concern for most young people out there, especially for the figure-conscious people.

Unwanted Fats: No More a Nightmare

Don’t worry about the extra fat deposits on various parts of your body. Getting rid of it is very easy. With treatment options like Vaser Liposuction, you can get rid of the extra oodles of fat and that too without any pain.

Vaser Liposuction Treatment in Malviyanagar

Well, Vaser is a good technique to remove the stubborn fat from the body. Don’t you have any idea about liposuction? Not to worry! Ask your plastic surgeon and he/she will guide you on this matter.

Proper Understanding Of Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery. One can get a new contoured look with this surgery. Before you opt for Vaser Liposuction surgery, you should have a proper understanding of the process. Only then you will be able to achieve your desired outcome.

Knowing Vaser:

VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) is a minimally invasive liposuction technique. This cosmetic treatment got its clearance from the FDA in the year 2002. Vaser Liposuction, also known as Vaser Lipo makes use of ultrasound waves to detect and emulsify the extra body fat, which otherwise refused to break-down from the body.


On the skin, tiny incisions are made. A saline solution is injected into the body that helps in shrinking the surrounding blood vessels and tissues. It even numbs the area that is going to be operated. A small probe emitting ultrasound waves is inserted into the fat layers via the incision. The high-frequency ultrasound waves transmitted through the probes helps to loosen the fat cells without disturbing the blood vessels or the tissues. With the help of special suction tubes or ‘cannula’, the loose fat cells are gently removed from the body.

Areas Where Vaser Liposuction Can Be Done

Vaser Lipo or Liposuction is a body contouring surgery. Vaser Liposuction can treat various body parts, such as the neck, chin, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, and back of the body. Less common areas include upper arms, chest, hips, and calves.

Time Required for It

The surgery time might vary depending on the areas to be treated. This surgery might take one hour or even more than that. However, multiple sittings might be required to treat a large area of stubborn body fat.

Vaser Liposuction Treatment in South Delhi

Recovery Period

The recovery period might vary from one person to another. Depending on how you are feeling, your plastic surgeon might ask you to stay at the hospital. However, a checkup is needed after 1-2 weeks of surgery.

How Is The Vaser Liposuction Surgery Helpful?

Vaser Liposuction is ideal to get rid of the stubborn fat and contouring the body. Getting a smooth and natural-looking appearance is easy with liposuction surgery.

Bid Adieu to unwanted body fats with Vaser Liposuction. Want to know more about it? Consult a plastic surgeon today!

Aging Gradually: The Changed Concept of Aging

Aging gracefully is one of the most well-known concepts that our parents believed firmly. This concept urges all of us to leave the drive to maintain our looks and let go. While we all can agree to not get compulsive over our changing looks, there’s no point in leaving everything that mattered to you for so many years.

The changing concept of aging tells us not to leave the care we used to shower on our appearances as we age. Instead, it urges us to garner good and healthy lifestyles to make sure that our health, as well as our appearances, does not get affected.

Anti-Aging Treatment in South Delhi

As people age, the looking tired syndrome starts to creep in. So, what should you do? We say you should not accept defeat. With a touch of treatment and a lot of healthy choices, you can have glowing and beautiful skin even in your fifties. Want to know the secrets? We have unfolded it all in the following section.

Antiaging therapy aims to achieve healthy, smooth, translucent and resilient skin. Various approaches to delay aging are 1. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet 2. Adding antioxidants to our routine 3. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises 4. Replenishing hormonal deficiency 5. Adding Vitamin A, C, E as well as some micronutrients 6. Avoidance of smoking, pollution, solar UV radiation, and stress.

Aging can be made slow and smooth by adding invasive procedures like chemical peel, laser resurfacing and injectable in various areas of face and neck for the lines and lost facial volume.

Live well

Why do you age the way you do? Blame the genes you have inherited from your parents. Yet, there are ways to make the aging process take a backstep and slowdown. Stress, nutrition, environment, and lifestyle; all of these have their fair share of impact on the way you age. Most of these factors are in your hands. If you can control these factors and maintain a good lifestyle, no one can stop you from aging gradually as well as gracefully.

Maintaining Healthy Skin

Maintaining healthy skin is important to men and women of all ages. By using a professionally recommended skincare routine, you can keep your skin glowing throughout the year. Every day, the skincare industry is evolving. There are newer and more effective treatments available to help the damages caused by the sun. By consulting with a specialist plastic surgeon, you can easily know more about the active ingredients that can give you a lovely complexion. The skin treatments can boost elasticity, rejuvenate the skin, and can make it soft and supple. You just have to maintain a strict skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle to make it happen.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment in South Delhi

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Expression lines denote that you have lived a happy and full life. However, too much of it can be a real eyesore. You can minimize the impact of the lines effectively and safely with the help of Anti-wrinkle (BOTOX) injections and dermal fillers (Hyaluronate) by a professional plastic surgeon. Across the world, men and women are using anti-wrinkle injections (BOTOX) and dermal fillers (Hyaluronate) to rejuvenate their looks. Without using the more invasive facelifts, you can just get fat injections to tighten the loose skin around your face, neck and jaw area.

Looking your best is the key to feeling your best as well. It helps you to stay positive, socialize more and have a positive outlook on your life. All of these, in turn, can help you to age better. So, if you feel getting a little help from the professionals will help you to age well in the long run, go right ahead.

Thinking About Laser Hair Removal? Here Are Some Facts You Need to Know

Are you unhappy with the results you get after shaving, waxing or tweezing your unwanted hairs? Laser hair removal might be the solution worth your consideration.

Being one of the long term solutions to remove unwanted body hair, laser hair removal has earned stark popularity all across the world. However, most of the ladies use this treatment without really understanding its nitty-gritty.

We don’t want you to go to another laser hair removal session without really understanding the procedure. So, here is some information about laser therapy and the side effects that might occur. Read on.

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How Does Laser Treatment work?

While conducting the procedures, plastic surgeons use a machine that emits a single colored light of a very specific wavelength. When the doctors target the light on your skin, the energy of the light gets transferred to the hair pigment melanin and your skin. This energy consumption heats the hair follicle and damages its surrounding tissues. To protect your skin from getting damaged by the harsh laser rays, the doctors advise you to shave before getting this treatment.

How to Prepare for The Laser Hair Removal?

You should understand that laser hair removal is way more complicated than just zapping unwanted hair. It is one of the risky medical procedures which should be performed only by a qualified plastic surgeon. Before making the appointment, make sure to check the credentials of the practitioner.

While you are at it, make sure not to indulge in hair plucking, waxing or electrolysis. All of these techniques target the roots of unwanted hair and remove it. So, going through any of these procedures will ruin the laser treatment as it also targets the hair follicles. It is better to reduce sun exposure both before and after the procedure. The exposure to sun rays after the hair removal treatment can lessen the effects of the laser rays and cause unwanted complications.

What to expect during the procedure?

Just before the treatment, the area to be treated is shaved off hair. The doctor will then consider the color, location, and thickness of the hair to adjust the laser equipment. Most of the plastic surgeons consider the color of your skin as well.

Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in South Delhi

During the procedure, protective gear will be given to you to protect your eyes from the laser rays. The doctors use special cooling devices or cold gels to protect the outer layer of your skin. Once the procedure is over, you will be prescribed anti-inflammatory gels and ice packs.

Now that you know the facts about laser hair removal, you can make learned decisions about this procedure. Make sure to consult only with experienced plastic surgeons to avoid the risks.