My Life, My Beauty, My Skin: How 7 Simple Anti Aging Tips Helped Me Succeed

Are you frustrated about the skincare products that promise a lot of things but hardly deliver? Most of the anti-aging products available in the market clog the pores of the skin and create further issues instead of just solving the problem of premature aging. To fight this issue, you have to keep your cool and make smart decisions. Along with choosing the right products, you have to maintain some regime to make your skin look youthful. If you are confused and want to know the tricks of doing that, you should take a look at the following section of this article.

Use Gentle Face Wash 

Always use a gentle touch and face wash while rinsing your face. Over the years, your skin gets more sensitive and less oily. So, it would be better for your skin, if you use a gentle face wash instead of a harsh and drying one.

Use Retinoids

As you age, your skin starts to lose the collagen; an essential protein responsible for the lifted and smooth looking skin. The wrinkles that appear on the face of older people is caused by the lack of collagen. The best way to keep the collagen in your face healthy is to use products that have vitamin A in it.

Upgrade The Sun Protection

Using sun protection is a must for keeping your skin healthy and preventing premature aging. While choosing skincare products or makeup, make sure to check if they protect from the harsh rays of the sun. Anything that has more than SPF 30 can protect your skin from pigmentation and age spots. You should always try to use a deep moisturizing sunscreen that contains the antioxidants for protecting the collagen of your skin.

Richer Face Cream

The oil glands of your skin get less active as you age. To fight this problem, you should use a richer and better face cream. These creams will help you to trap moisture against the skin and pump up the deep crevices. Also, make sure to use the cream in your neck area as well.

Eat well

What you eat reflects on your skin. So, you should make it a point to eat the food products that nourish your skin over time. You should avoid dehydrating items like alcohol and all the other food items that are high in white carbohydrates and sugar. Also, make it a point to drink plenty of water.

Take Supplements

Can supplements keep your skin dewy and youthful? Maybe. Studies have found that Omega-3s can delay the aging process of the skin and keep your skin moist. If you don’t eat fish or any other fish products, you should try to take fish oil supplements.


Use a scrub that contains round particles to remove the dead cells and get a brighter and more youthful-looking skin without causing any damage. So, these are some of the most effective ways you can manage the premature aging of your skin. Read the tips once again and follow them to the tee to get a dazzling and younger-looking skin.

Dr-jha Skin Pigmentation

Top 5 Things You Should Know about Skin Pigmentation Disorder

Have you ever thought about what makes the skin color of one person different from another? Well, every one of us has melanin, a black or brown pigment in our skin. This pigment makes all the difference between the colors of the skins of two different persons. The skin pigmentation disorder takes place when the production of melanin and melanosome transport becomes aberrant. If you are suffering from skin pigmentations for some time now, you should be aware of some of the important factors associated with it. Check the following section of this article to know more about this disorder.

Acquired Vs Inherited 

As the name suggests, the acquired disorders are some conditions that a person can develop throughout their lives. On the other hand, an inherent condition arises because of the genetic transmission that takes place during the birth of a child. In simpler words, an acquired skin pigmentation disorder is the one that was not present during the time of birth. On the other hand, an inherent skin pigmentation disorder indicates a genetic aberrancy.


The type, quality and the distribution of the pigment cells construct the color of our skin. Apart from creating our skin color, melanin also protects us from the damaging UV rays of the sun. Genetic factors, as well as the environmental factor, can change the way the transportation and production of the melanin of the skin happen. Some other biological processes, like pregnancy, can also affect the skin pigments.

Causes of Hyper or Hypo Pigmentation of Skin

Some of the internal and external processes can affect the complex process of melanin production and can result in the abnormal skin pigmentation. Internal processes, like endocrine dysfunctions and autoimmune etiologies, can affect the skin pigmentations as well. On the other hand, external processes like sun exposure or medicine can disrupt the melanin production process and cause some type of skin pigmentation disorder.

Epidemiology and Risks

The epidemiology of the acquired skin pigmentation disorders can vary widely depending on the association of the disease. Sometimes, even the infectious diseases cause skin pigmentation disorders in the patients. So, before starting treatment for skin pigmentation disorders, the doctors should make sure that the patient is not suffering from other such associated diseases that cause skin pigmentation.


One of the most critical steps that people can take to prevent excessive exposure in the sun. Exposure can increase dark areas through the deposition of melanin. Most of the time, overexposure to the sun rays, can create chronic as well as acute pigmentary darkening of the skin. Other than this factor, the activation and proliferation of exposed melanocytes can also cause acute or chronic skin pigmentation disorder. Most of the time, the quality of the lives of the patients suffering from skin pigmentation disorder gets deteriorated.

The common skin pigmentation often appears on the face of the affected people which causes shaming, embarrassment, low self-esteem, anger, and depression. Most people worry that their condition is contagious and will worsen over time. That is why it is necessary to talk to the patients to understand their level of distress before taking any steps.


What Are The Benefits of Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss is one of the most common problems that plague me and women across different ages hair loss can occur due to different reasons. While some of these reasons are temporary and can be reversed after treatment, others lead to permanent hair loss. Baldness can not only hamper your aesthetics but also dampen your confidence as well. A hair transplant is straightforward as well as an easy solution that can help you to fight baldness. Are you still on the fence about availing the hair transplant treatment? The following benefits might help you to change your mind.

Improved Appearance 

The first blow of hair loss always lands on the appearance of the person. The hair transplant treatment can bring a big change in this sphere. Once you complete the treatment, the transplanted hair will cover the bald patches of your head and will make you look more attractive and youthful.

Enhanced Self Esteem

Premature hair loss can devastate the lives of some people by breaking their self-confidence. Hair transplant helps them to restore their confidence by returning their youthful appearance. This not only improves their outlooks on their lives but also makes them more confident about themselves, their work and their decisions


One of the biggest advantages of availing this treatment is that the hairs that grow in the transplanted area are uniform and lasts for a lifetime. The technique is so scientifically sound that not a single follicle of the transplanted section gets damaged. It also retains the natural follicular distribution of the hair which makes it look completely normal.

Natural Hair

It is hard to differentiate between the transplanted hair and natural hair. During the treatment, the experts only use follicle grafts that contain only a handful of the follicle. These smaller grafts of hair are placed on the bald section of the head in such a way that it helps to create the look of a completely natural head full of hair. The hair that grows on the bald patches does not look out of the place.

Simple and Safe Procedure

In the last few years, the hair transplant technique has seen a massive change. There are now different methods of transplanting your hair.

In this process, a strip of skin is taken from the back portion of the scalp of the recipient. Then the strip is divided and replanted in the designated patches on the head. The process is completely safe and natural. The experts do not use any chemicals or any other factors that can damage your hair. The entire procedure is done by using the local anesthesia and the chances of developing any other issues from this are slim to none.

Before you make any decision, go to the experts and ask about the hair restoration options that you can avail of. Choose the one that suits you perfectly. Also, make sure to ask about the cost of the procedure to check whether it suits your budget as well.