Thinking About Laser Hair Removal? Here Are Some Facts You Need to Know

Are you unhappy with the results you get after shaving, waxing or tweezing your unwanted hairs? Laser hair removal might be the solution worth your consideration.

Being one of the long term solutions to remove unwanted body hair, laser hair removal has earned stark popularity all across the world. However, most of the ladies use this treatment without really understanding its nitty-gritty.

We don’t want you to go to another laser hair removal session without really understanding the procedure. So, here is some information about laser therapy and the side effects that might occur. Read on.

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How Does Laser Treatment work?

While conducting the procedures, plastic surgeons use a machine that emits a single colored light of a very specific wavelength. When the doctors target the light on your skin, the energy of the light gets transferred to the hair pigment melanin and your skin. This energy consumption heats the hair follicle and damages its surrounding tissues. To protect your skin from getting damaged by the harsh laser rays, the doctors advise you to shave before getting this treatment.

How to Prepare for The Laser Hair Removal?

You should understand that laser hair removal is way more complicated than just zapping unwanted hair. It is one of the risky medical procedures which should be performed only by a qualified plastic surgeon. Before making the appointment, make sure to check the credentials of the practitioner.

While you are at it, make sure not to indulge in hair plucking, waxing or electrolysis. All of these techniques target the roots of unwanted hair and remove it. So, going through any of these procedures will ruin the laser treatment as it also targets the hair follicles. It is better to reduce sun exposure both before and after the procedure. The exposure to sun rays after the hair removal treatment can lessen the effects of the laser rays and cause unwanted complications.

What to expect during the procedure?

Just before the treatment, the area to be treated is shaved off hair. The doctor will then consider the color, location, and thickness of the hair to adjust the laser equipment. Most of the plastic surgeons consider the color of your skin as well.

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During the procedure, protective gear will be given to you to protect your eyes from the laser rays. The doctors use special cooling devices or cold gels to protect the outer layer of your skin. Once the procedure is over, you will be prescribed anti-inflammatory gels and ice packs.

Now that you know the facts about laser hair removal, you can make learned decisions about this procedure. Make sure to consult only with experienced plastic surgeons to avoid the risks.

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